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Predicting ocean chemistry using Microsoft Azure

Taylor Shellfish, a company that farms oysters in ocean waters off the coast of Washington, uses Azure to provide them with insights into the chemical levels of the ocean to predict the needs of the upcoming season. Once the season starts, Azure helps them monitor...

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Behind the team–Fitness Performance

Real Madrid uses Microsoft technology and data analytics software to help protect its players. Thanks to the Azure platform, other industries can use this same technology and computing power. At 3S Global Business Solutions, we want to bring you the same level of data...

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Location is at the heart of everything

With the rise of mobile and connected devices, the need for geospatial services has increased as well. At 3S Global Business Solutions, we understand that need. That's why we work to bring you geospatial data solutions that will help you along your journey. Azure...

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7 Game-Changing Collaboration Tools Your Team Needs Now

At 3S Global Business Solutions, we know that whiteboards, video conferencing, and AI are all drivers of collaboration in the modern workplace. Finding the right solution to provide these capabilities is another story. Luckily there's Office 365. With Skype, users can...

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Treating childhood blindness, halfway around the world

At 3S Global Business Solutions, we know how important productivity and collaboration are to your business. That's why we strive to bring you the best opportunities to integrate cost-saving, collaborative solutions to your organization. Doctors in LA are helping kids...

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Data Analytics Around the World with Azure – Infographic

Make the most informed decision possible by analyzing all the data you need in real time by combining Azure Containers and Azure Machine Learning to create deep-learning applications to discover information and insights. With the compute power of Azure, you can...

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Are you smart or do you just think you are?

What's important to your customers? Without the ability to truly understand your data, you might be doing your customers a disservice. Don't confuse your ability to collect data with your ability to interpret the data. That's where Azure comes in. Azure will help you...

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What Microsoft Power BI can do for your organization

3S Global Business Solutions partnered with IDT to share how different Microsoft products can help improve productivity of small and medium businesses. Juan Rodriguez, President and CEO of made a presentation and a short demo on July 31, 2018....

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About Sujit Ghosh

Sujit Ghosh is the CEO and the Director of Sales and Marketing for 3S Global Business Solutions Inc. Prior to founding 3SGBS, Sujit was the Technical Recruiter, Account Manager, Practice Director for boutique IT consulting companies specializing in IT Staffing, Software Testing, Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions for mid to Fortune 1000 companies.


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