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Search Optimization

About the client:

The client is a U.S.-based global investment firm with over 8,000 employees, $800 billion in assets under management and offices in over 30 countries around the world.


The client’s global sales and marketing groups had to spend a significant amount of time searching for information they needed. This included internal proprietary information as well as externally available data on investment products. Sales representatives actively engaged with customers on the phone could not quickly and easily access essential data to answer questions and resolve issues. The content that the sales team required was stored in several different locations but the sales team needed a single, consolidated view. There was also a requirement to vary the way in which the data should be displayed based the needs of the different user groups within the organization.


Highly customized option was designed and delivered to search on specific content types and insert contextual metadata into content types. For example, a user can find and insert “type of fund” and add it to properties. Once implemented, users could not only search for documents but also for groups of data within documents. Portal Solutions also implemented a social search function which enabled users to rate the relevancy of the materials to their search.

The Key Benefits:

  • The ability to quickly search and find relevant information
  • Structured metadata and Navigations
  • Responsive
  • The quality and accuracy of information