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Executive Overview

OSM stands for Online Salary Management. OSM is an exhaustive online web application that comprises of 5 applications namely: Comprehensive Compensation; ReOrg; OrgView; Employee Performance Management (EPM) and Market Price.

Company’s Top Objectives

To generate a chart to showcase the hierarchy with respect to different companies in addition to additional information like salary, merit rating, levels, benefits and so on.

The Resolution

  • Excelencia built an organizational chart that displays the hierarchy of a company, in the form of boxes that are arranged as per the employees’ job levels, starting with the CEO at the top and all the way down to the lowest cadre of employees
  • Also, the organizational chart houses a variety of information like currency, sum of current salary, benefits, compensation, finance, contacts, etc.

The Key Benefits

  • Complete analysis about the customer is given through charts
  • The high point of the organizational chart gave the ability to drag and drop employees across the chart in case of a changed hierarchy in the workplace


On Time Delivery


Overcame all the technical nuances

We would continue working with them. The team at Excelencia is prompt and courteous, and communicates far better than other external development firms that we have worked with” -DEVIN SQUERI CEO Sentient Inc.